Welcome to Arini – Creative Fabric Design!
Fabrics, colors, and photography are my passion. My goal is to create a sense of well-being through harmonious space design. Because when you feel comfortable, you’ll want to come back and be able to freely express yourself. I specialize in creating stylish elements that provide room for creative thoughts and a good working atmosphere. I optimize various spaces and areas such as entrances, lounges, conference and waiting rooms, hotel rooms, offices, and common areas.

Using a special design technique, I create individual accessories and highlights for your spaces. I work with desired layouts or design unique patterns. Through the exceptional interplay of self-designed patterns and specially developed elegant color combinations, digital fabric printing becomes an art that adds a personal touch to your space. Think of pictures, curtains, pillows, covers, upholstery, and objects. I am also happy to exclusively design your personal desired motif for you. For businesses, I offer complete accessory concepts or individual highlights for existing interior design concepts.

I invite you to be inspired on my website. Please feel free to take the time to contact me so that I can personally advise you and together we can implement the individual design of your spaces. I look forward to your inquiries and to helping you transform your spaces into something special!