Project 1 „Aussichtsreich“ in Berlin.

Lisa Hinrichsen
Ackerstr.12, 10115 Berlin    

The topic of this extensive project was the co-ordinated design of curtain scarves, chair covers and a pin board. As a motive for all components a Berlin view was desired, which should not be too dominant and rather restrained.


Motive: Berlin view
Size: 130 x 260 cm
Fabric quality: 100% Cotton
Special feature: The choosen motive should not distract from attaching notes



Chair covers

Motive: Berlin view
Size: individually adapted to the chair size
Fabric quality: 100% Cotton with stain protection equipment and water repellent
Special feature: each chair cover has a different motive




Curtain scarves

Motive: Berlin view
Size: 305 x 155 cm
Fabric quality: 100% Linen
Special feature: During the day, the scarves appear transparent, in the dark, the motif emerges clearly


All selected motifs were created from own photographs with subsequent digital processing. Printing and further production in Germany.